Anytime, anywhere access to email, contacts, calendar, documents ...

Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is a modern and innovative software for 'messaging' and 'collaboration': email, group calendar, address book, tasks, document management and Web creation, instant messaging,...

A powerful web interface is the heart of Zimbra. This integrates email, contacts, shared calendar, online document management, task lists etc. in a powerful and intuitive browser interface.
Synchronization with mobile devices such as BlackBerry and iPhone are supported by default.

Some clients

Easy to work with my people. Thanks to the Zimbra Collaboration Suite mail, contacts, calendar, scheduler and documents from my company are centralized and accessible by my staff.

Everything at hand. Yet only one package in which you can centralize everything... and you have it available everywhere: in your workplace or at your customer. Moreover, easy to use and time saving.

Information anytime, anywhere. On my laptop or smart phone, in the office office, on the road, at my customers or home ... I get the necessary information


Value for our customers. Offer your customers a significant added value thanks to this innovative messaging and collaboration environment. Users are super excited and can't live without!